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Country brown sugar


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Brown sugar is a very popular type of sugar that is regarded around the world because of if health benefits and different properties than regular crystalized white sugar.

Because brown sugar is manufactured in a different chemical process than white sugar, it has a different chemical structure and our bodies react little differently to this.

This subtle difference makes brown sugar very attractive to the people who want to rebalance their diet, get healthy and gain some of its many benefits.


Brown and white sugars have almost the same sweetness ration, and they can be mixed or changed one for another in your recipes. Experiment a little with them, and see for yourself what new flavors will be brought with many brown sugar brands.


The natural texture of brown sugar resembles one of wet sand but is more abrasive and able to remove only dead skin cells and materials that clog the pores from your body. Because of that it can be used successfully as a skin treatment, slight moisturizer, and vitamin B enricher that will protect your skin from aging effects.


EcoBerry’s country brown sugar is natural and does not contain any chemicals or additives added to it.