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EcoBerry's Handmade Natural Cream Deodorant...

Why natural deodorant?
Sweat glands are meant to sweat.Sweating is a natural process which helps in elliminating the toxins from the body.So we should not interfere with this natural process.But the chemical based deodorants act as antiperspirants which controls the sweat to eradicate the bad odor..."NO SWEAT NO ODOR"...Then what about the toxins that must be eliminated through sweat?

Here is our Natural deodorants coming to action.Our Natural deodorants are not antiperspirants.They will not stop the sweat glands from secreting sweat, instead it eliminates the bad odor by controlling the bacterias causing the bad odor...

Actually the reason behind the bad odor is tthe bacterias which are developed from the sweat..EcoBerry's Natural Cream Deodorant is effective at preventing the odor from bacteria in the sweat from developing, rather than closing up the pores as antiperspirants do.

Adding to this,our Natural cream deodorant is made out of natural oils and butter which will be easily absorbed in to the skin and moisturizes it....This deodorant will also whiten the darker underarms to a greater extent...

The Baking soda added in this natural deodorant kills the stink-causing bacteria without stopping our body's natural perspiration response.

(Note:Some reacts to the baking soda developing rashes,hence do a patch test before using the product)

Many research has proved that using chemical deodorants has lead to breast cancer...
Dump the cancer causing chemical based deodorants and switch to this natural alternative.