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sweet flag/ vasambu


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          It is popularly known as ‘PILLAI VALARPAN”(WHICH GROWS YOUR CHILD) in Tamil.


             Acorus calamus


       1. The powder is mixed with honey and given internally for epilepsy. During this treatment if only milk is given internally then the results will be more effective.

       2. The decoction prepared from sweet flag and liquorice is given for pediatric ailments like cough, fever pain in the abdomen etc.

        3. The rhizome is burnt and the ashes are mixed with coconut oil and applied over the lower abdomen for flatulence.

       4. To prevent epilepsy in children this rhizome is prepared as an armlet and tied in the body of the child preferably wristt.

        5. Traditionally the new born child is given a mixture of six medicines(URAI MARUNTHU) mixed with breast milk or water  for as many days as possible. One of the key ingredient is sweet flag and the main intention to give this medicine is proper brain development, speech ability, better visual power, increased seminal power, brings beauty and neutralizes any toxicities in our body.

        6.The powder of this rhizome if consumed daily in the dose of 100 to 700 mg is very beneficial for strengthening the nervous system. It should be noted that a dose above 1 gram may lead to vomiting.