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EcoBerry's Indigo powder is pure, natural and export quality product.

Since the ancient times, Indigo plant, has been an 
important constituent of Indian Ayurvedic sciences as the 
natural colouring agent with amazing hair care benefits. 

DIRECTIONS: Indigo for hair colouring is a two step process. 
First step is henna application. Second step is the Indigo.
Take required quantity of the Indigo powder in a bowl. Add 
warm water(not hot water) and mix well and let it sit for 
10-15 minutes and apply on your hair and apply it on the 
hair and scalp and wrap with a cling wrap and leave it for 
30 minutes to 1 hour. Rinse with plain water or shikakai. 
Initially to transform grey hair to black use it 3-4 times a 
month and after achieving the desired colour use once or 
twice a month to maintain the colour. Initially you may see
bluish tint on your hair which will oxidise in 2-3 days.
*Never apply the Indigo on greasy hair.