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Wild turmeric/ Kasthuri manjal



SYNONYMS: Curcuma aromatic, Kasthuri manjal.


Wild turmeric can be used

·        As a face mask for glowing skin.

·        As a cure for acne & acne marks.

·        As a scrub for exfoliating dead cells.

·        As an anti-aging tool to fight wrinkles.

·        As an agent for removing facial hair.

·        As a remedy for skin tan.



1. During pregnancy, apply the paste of wild turmeric to your lower belly every other day to avoid getting stretch marks. 

2. Prepare a mix of Honey and Turmeric and apply this mask on your face to get glowing skin. 

3. Prepare a paste with wild turmeric and luke warm coconut oil and apply on face to reduce unwanted hair growth. 

4. A mix of wild turmeric and sandal wood powder can cure acne if applied regularly. Rub the mix on affected skin area and wash off after 30 minutes
5. Apply a mix of sugar cane juice and wild turmeric on your face and wash of after 20 minutes to treat wrinkles.
6. Another mix of buttermilk and wild turmeric applied near our eyes can eliminate the wrinkles and marks.